Expanded Access to Care

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Expand access to care through MAP's engagement ecosystem, telehealth networks and primary care integration model.

MAP delivers access to remote networks of counselors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists across the United States that are empowered by MAP's ecosystem of engagement tools and outcomes reporting platform.

Telehealth and remote devices are crucial in the modern healthcare landscape. Successful post-acute engagement helps ensure that risk is identified and that quality measures are reported and analyzed. Through telehealth and other remote engagement mechanisms, a provider can empower their facility and counselors with real-time data to improve outcomes.

New technologies and devices expand the patient’s engagement options and access to care beyond just the doctor’s office or telephone. These include:

  • Remote Breathalyzers
  • Medication Adherence and dispensation modules
  • Anxiety monitors
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Self-management apps

Not only do they aid members in their recovery and overall health they also provide critical data for primary care providers and payers who can leverage the data to track relapse and contribute to early detection and intervention.

MAP's Telehealth Platform and remote device and applications ecosystem improves a client's chances of achieving and maintaining long-term recovery and enhances your ability to care coordinate through primary care integration. Engagement helps to establish an extensive outcomes data set that will help to demonstrate and improve the value of a behavioral health treatment program.