Increase Engagement & Prevent Leakage

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Better post-acute engagement keeps members in your network.

Keeping members engaged and in your networks reduces costs and improves quality.

Prevent patient leakage

  1. Out of network reimbursement for Substance Use Disorder is often substantially higher than in network.
  2. Quality of care is more identifiable and predictable in network.

For Substance Use Disorder, we know that the key factors to improving outcomes and reducing costs are segmenting and engaging cohorts of your population that generate the highest cost (members with chronic and complex illness) and providing them appropriate on-going support mechanisms.

Patient engagement also involves encouraging members to be active in their care by:

  • Including members in the healthcare team
  • Arming them with resources
  • Making them aware of self-care

These measures empower the patient which leads to more successful outcomes. By proactively promoting health lifestyle choices for members in long-term recovery, members are better able to manage their illness and greatly improve their health outcomes. Committing members to maintenance and recovery improves their health and reduces costs across the board.

It’s vital that payers and providers keep members enrolled and reduce costs and quality loss of the member going out of network. The cost of treatment in Behavioral Health and SUD can be dramatically reduced by keeping members in-network.