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The MAP Recovery Network Behavioral Health Population Management Platform optimizes the continuum of care and improves clinical and financial outcomes for behavioral health including Substance Use Disorder and addiction treatment.

Our consolidated, cloud-based platform delivers:

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MAP's HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform:

  • Identify and engage with high-risk behavioral health and substance use disorder patients via predictive analytics, real-time risk assessment and use event alerts to ensure they get coordinated with the right level of care.
  • Diversify revenue streams by implementing a reimbursable telehealth recovery support service.
  • Track and utilize your outcomes data to facilitate reimbursement and improve outcomes.
  • Grow your referral network by accessing MAP's extensive network of Licensed Professional Counselors.
  • Position your facility as a Center-of-Excellence within the behavioral health and addiction treatment field.

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Our best-in-class solutions deliver improved clinical and financial outcomes for behavioral health including substance use disorder and addiction treatment.


Telehealth Platform

Expand access to post-discharge recovery support in order to improve outcomes, diversify revenue streams and empower your operations with outcomes data.


Care Coordination

Care coordinate your alumni through Real-Time Risk Assessment and Use Event Alerts. Grow your referral network by utilizing the MAP counselor network.


Revenue Cycle

We treat revenue cycle management as an investment and our approach is to maximize your return and deliver impeccable service.


Outcomes Data

Take your program to the next level with high-integrity, actionable outcomes data with intuitive monthly reports that help you demonstrate outcomes and prepare for value-based care.

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