For Patients

You're here because you're suffering and you want to connect with someone who has experienced what you have lived.
We ‘ve been there too and we can help. We're glad you're here.

To learn more and speak with a team member, call the number below (8am – 5pm CST, Monday – Friday):

How MAP’s Peer Services Support the Patient

Establishing healthy human connection and relationships are of paramount importance in recovery from addiction. MAP Care Solutions provides a way for both you and your family to develop and maintain that connection. We are here for you because tackling addiction and recovery requires more than just willpower; it’s a continuous process of support, maintenance and structure.

MAP’s Peer Specialist have walked a mile in your shoes and can deeply relate to what you are going through in recovery. Your relationship with a specialist is based on lived experience, trust and confidentiality. They are there for you to help guide and support you in recovery through the ups and the downs, no matter what. They have a keen ability to inspire hope during times that are often filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Overview of MAP Care Solutions Peer Recovery Support

Why MAP’s Peer Services and Specialists are different:

  • Recovery support sessions are conducted via phone or video – allowing you on demand access to support from anywhere. You tell us how you want to work together.
  • We specifically match you with a specialist based on your background – MAP has a nationwide and growing team of specialists who represent a wide variety of life experiences, ages, genders, substances, and treatment experiences
  • We will support you for 12 months or longer (typically after treatment or concurrently with outpatient treatment)
  • We take a very non-punitive approach to recovery - we never give up on you, regardless if there are slip-ups or periods of time where you don’t respond to your specialist
  • All specialists are full-time MAP employees and are all nationally and state certified
    • Minimum 3 years in personal-recovery from addiction
    • Minimum 1 year experience providing recovery support
  • Our specialists are available to you whenever you need us, 24/7/365
  • You get access to the MAPCares mobile app to engage with additional supports: Learn More

Learn more about the profile of a MAP PRSS