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Justin's Success with MAP

[0:25] - Justin's background

[0:50] - What Peer Recovery Support means to me

[1:09] - My MAP enrollment experience

[1:32] - The process of finding the right specialist

[1:40] - The accessibility of the specialist

[1:55] - Interacting with my specialist

[2:09] - My early recovery experience

[2:40] - MAP Specialist compared to other resources

[2:51] - What my Specialist means to me

[3:13] - Who should have a Specialist

[3:27] - Mental health

[3:43] - My experience with MAP

[4:01] - 10 months in

Robert's Success with MAP

[0:02] - Robert's background

[0:21] - Why Robert decided to try MAP

[0:33] - Why Robert recommends MAP

[0:42] - Being matched to a Specialist with shared experiences

[0:52] - MAP providing support for patients' families

[1:02] - What MAP offers that therapists don't

[1:18] - What Robert likes most about his matched Specialist

A MAP Peer Specialist Story

[0:00] - What peer support means to me

[0:07] - Matching Peer Specialists to patients

[0:21] - Why Peer Support is effective

[0:28] - Offering support to patients and their families

[0:49] - The importance of peer matching

[0:57] - How Peer Support enhances other treatment avenues

[1:21] - Following custom treatment plans

My PRSS gets it. He is really knowledgeable. If I have a question and he doesn't know the answer, he'll research it and email me the resource.

"A patient decided to call me first while waiting for the results of a potential cancer diagnosis. He said he knew that I would always be there for him when he was in need. I was floored!"

- MAP Peer Specialist

"Each of us brings something amazing and necessary to the table. I wouldn't have it any other way and I know I couldn't support my patients as well as I could without each and every person on the MCS team."

- MAP Peer Specialist

"My patient said that she has never felt loved and cared for before in her life, and that everyone at MAP reminds her that she is worth the recovery and all the hard work she is putting forth. She truly considers MAP her family."

- MAP Peer Specialist

MAP has been a great source of support for me; it has held me accountable, it has been a commitment and a source of encouragement. [My PRSS] has been so easy to talk to and so relatable, and always there when I need her.

"When the session ended, the patient just looked at me and said 'Oh wow, she can help me. I like her a lot, she really fits me'"

- MAP Peer Specialist

"My patient is like a completely different person now. She has such a sense of self-worth that she didn't have a month ago, and it's because everyone has stepped up to help her as a team."

- MAP Peer Specialist

"My patient ends every phone call with, 'Thank you for calling and checking on me. It means so much to have someone like yourself to talk to'".

- MAP Peer Specialist

[My PRSS] is phenomenal. I could talk about him all day and what he's given me. He gets it, holds me accountable, gives resources, helpful advice. I look forward to his phone call even when I've relapsed.

What People Have to Say About MAP

"The MAP meetings feel comfortable. The moderator is more engaged, more in tune with each other, there was a mixture of people, and we were all on the same wavelength"

"The MAP Specialist has a lot of crediblity"

"We were able to work on repairing our relationship with [our son]"

"[My PRSS] understands what I'm going through because she has gone through the same thing herself"

"I found that my son respected speaking with someone [in recovery] more than speaking with somebody who hadn't been through that"

"The specialists are [in recovery] themselves, so they know all the excuses, they've heard them all, they've used them all"

"A MAP counselor would speak to [our son] every week and would speak to myself and my wife every week to make sure that he was on the right track and that we would know how he was doing without having to ask those questions"

"I had no idea the MAP program was going to be part of the treatment program and it turned out to be really a blessing"

"The live meetings were very, very structured"

"Every single person that I have had interaction with at MAP has been kind, helpful, funny, patient, supportive, and encouraging"

"The MAP process after [our son] came out of rehab was really a positive experience to help us through the next chapter of recovery"

"it helped remove a level of stress"

How We Could Help You

MAP believes the best mental health treatment is a combination of support that intersects physician/treatment centers/hospitals, a clinical therapist, and a peer support specialist for holistic care that brings about impactful change toward a more fulfilling life.