MAP Acquires The Center for Optimal Living to Expand Access to Harm Reduction Therapies for Addiction

August 19, 2021  

In the midst of the ongoing overdose crisis, evidence-based Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy is about encouraging positive change and improving outcomes.

MAP has acquired The Center for Optimal Living (CFOL), a psychotherapy management services organization and the pioneering developer of Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (“IHRP”) for mental health and substance use issues. CFOL also provides IHRP trainings, supervision, and consultation to professionals and organizations. As a result of the acquisition, MAP will expand access to CFOL’s capabilities to the nation’s leading health plans. MAP has health plan contracts that represent over 67 million total covered lives and partners with hundreds of treatment providers across the country to deploy peer-led services and improve outcomes.

CFOL, founded in 2011 by Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, is headquartered in Manhattan and partners with Dr. Tatarsky’s professional practice - Optimal Living Psychological Services, P.C., to offer therapy for the full range of drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, and other addictive behaviors. Together their approach utilizes Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP), which was developed by Dr. Tatarsky, and provides a collaborative, safe, supportive space for patients to explore the best treatment path for the patient: moderate, less harmful substance use, or abstinence. Simultaneously, licensed professionals address mental health issues that may be impacting a patient’s daily life and provide individualized services for a range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain. Dr. Tatarsky, who has been dedicated to psychotherapies and addiction treatment for more than three decades, will stay on as President of The Center for Optimal Living.

It is no secret that the pandemic has fueled widespread increases in mental health challenges and alcohol/drug use at a time when fentanyl contamination is a leading cause of death. During 2020, overdose deaths soared to a record 93,000, as reported by the U.S. government. To further exacerbate this, during the pandemic, adults have reported symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorders at an alarming rate of 4 in 10 vs. 1 in 10 pre-pandemic. With a growing demand for care and an increasing provider shortage, the time is now to expand access beyond traditional care to include highly effective evidence-based strategies such as harm reduction, Medication Assisted Treatment, and peer support to help fill gaps and improve public health outcomes.

“At MAP, we believe in evidence-based strategies and are proud to partner with Dr. Tatarsky and CFOL to expand and scale innovative treatment models that are proven to positively impact outcomes for Mental Health and Substance Use,” said Jacob Levenson, Founder and CEO, MAP Health Management.

“Reach and engagement are so important for impacting Mental Health and Substance Use outcomes. We have seen the efficacy of our approach and programs and are excited to work more closely with MAP to enhance our capabilities and make our therapeutic services available to diverse communities across the country,” said Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, Founder and Director, Center for Optimal Living.

About The Center for Optimal Living

The Center for Optimal Living is an outpatient treatment and training center for addiction and mental health issues. Our approach utilizes Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP), developed by our founder and director, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky. The Center for Optimal Living partners with Dr. Tatarsky’s professional practice, Optimal Living Psychological Services, P.C., to provide services through a team of twelve dedicated clinicians, which form the only private treatment center that offers this unique form of therapy. The Center for Optimal Living was founded in 2011 in New York City.