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Economic Impact of Addiction in the Workplace

$400 Billion

National Annual Impact of Active Addiction

Average Annual Cost of SUD in the Workplace per 1,000 Employees
Healthcare Costs for Employees with Active Addiction vs. Those Without
Savings for Each Employee Who Recovers from a Substance Use Disorder

Cost Drivers of Active Addiction to Employers

Cost of Avoidable
Healthcare Use

Member reported data derived from post-aucte engagements via telehealth

Cost of
Missed Work

Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Accident Costs/Risks


Recruitment and Retraining

How MAP Helps

Being able to connect to others with similar, shared experience is central to developing solid personal recovery. Studies have found the spouses of alcoholics are at increased risk of stressful life events, medical and psychiatric disorders, and greater use of medical care services.

These data suggest it can be important for employers to consider the healthcare needs of not only their employees, but the family members of their employees as well.

MAP provides a way for both the person seeking recovery and their family/primary support network to develop and maintain the personal connection needed for effective recovery.

Through MAP, both employees and dependents struggling with substance misuse can connect on-demand with a certified MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist that has lived experience and a similar background.

Since 2011, MAP has been the leader in delivering certified peer recovery support services and tracking outcomes for individuals and families seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). MAP's approach demonstrates sustained annual engagement of over 50% with employees and family supports.

What Patients Have to Say About MAP

“[My Peer Specialist] reinforces my recovery and I genuinely enjoy the conversations because I don’t feel so alone and [feel] ‘less crazy’.”

Female Patient, 40 years old

“I learned that my son respected speaking with someone [in recovery] far more than speaking with somebody who hadn’t been through a [similar path]. MAP became really important.”

Primary Support,
Father of MAP Patient

“I find it easy to share my week with my peer, whether it’s been positive or negative. He is a life saver. I find the whole MAP experience inspiring.”

Female Patient, 40 years old

Reduce Costs

Improve Employee Health
& Well-Being

Avert Addiction
Cost Drivers

Reduce ER & Unnecessary Services Utilization

Miss Fewer Days

Peer-Led Sessions
Indentified as
Opioid Users
Members Supported
of Members Supported are Employed
Average Monthly Engagement
Decrease in Total
Cost Per Member
Per Month
Reduction in ER Utilization
Reduction in Non-Routine Medical Services

MCS PeerLink® – The Enrollment Experience

At the push of a button, MAP’s on-demand Peer Enrollment Specialist (PES) will educate and enroll clients via a 2-way video session inside the booth as well as introduce and schedule them with their dedicated MCS Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS).

MCS Program Experience

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