About MAP

Located in Austin, Texas, MAP Health Management, LLC, is a population health management organization and the nation’s leader in the provision of comprehensive, accessible technologies designed to improve outcomes for patients treated for addictions and other behavioral health illnesses.

MAP provides telehealth services, extended treatment support programs and revenue cycle management to a client base of nationally recognized addiction treatment providers and behavioral health professionals.

From its inception in 2011, MAP’s mission has been to improve the outcomes of the millions of people treated for addiction and behavioral health illnesses and reduce healthcare expense while doing so. MAP is recognized as the leader of data-driven technology for the behavioral health field and empowers clients with tools to collect, analyze, and demonstrate treatment outcomes using advanced technologies. MAP endorses the practice of extending the continuum of care for patients with chronic diseases based on studies and empirical data that have shown this approach to be most effective in maintaining long-term recovery.

MAP is spear-heading the direction of behavioral health population management by providing access to telehealth services using its algorithm-based software and the methods in which to extend treatment support services regardless of the state in which discharged patients reside.

Dedicated teams of research analysts, clinical directors, recovery advocates, technology professionals and billing experts work to improve patient outcomes, empower treatment providers with data, reduce expense and drive facility revenue in 11 states, including its corporate base in Austin, TX.