About MAP

Located in Austin, Texas, MAP Health Management, LLC, is the nation’s leader in the provision of comprehensive, accessible technologies designed to improve outcomes for patients treated for addictions and other behavioral health illnesses.

From its inception in 2011, MAP’s mission has been to improve the outcomes of the millions of people treated for addiction and behavioral health illnesses and reduce healthcare expense while doing so. MAP’s primary focus, as it pertains to the chronic disease of addiction, is extending the continuum of care beyond acute treatment to provide longer-term engagement and support for patients with Substance Use Disorder. Empirical data have shown this approach to be most effective in maintaining long-term recovery.

MAP delivers technology-enabled solutions, including peer recovery support services, telehealth and other remote engagement devices and applications, that identify risk in real-time and facilitate earlier intervention to improve clinical and financial outcomes for chronic behavioral health disorders such as Substance Use Disorder. MAP’s robust ecosystem of solutions empowers treatment providers, health insurance companies, health systems, and patients with the right data at the right time to improve clinical and financial outcomes.