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How MAP’s Peer Services Support the Family

MAP Care Solutions offers support and guidance for family members, helping guide you as your loved one begins to recover. You’ll work with a MAP Peer Recovery Support Specialist, typically through phone and/or video sessions, who has the insight, wisdom and training to help you navigate the difficult stages of your loved one’s early recovery.

When a child or loved one battles addiction, they rarely do it alone. For better or worse, the disease impacts the entire family. The good news is that millions of people are finding recovery, and many credit their parents and family supports with helping them achieve sobriety. MAP’s Peer Specialist have walked a mile in your loved one’s shoes and can deeply relate to what they are going through in recovery. They will work with you to help you better understand that. They also have seen first-hand what the family members of someone in recovery goes through. They have a keen ability to inspire hope and help support you through these times that are often filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Why MAP’s Peer Services and Specialists are different:

  • We specifically match your loved one with a specialist based on their background and life experience – MAP has a nationwide and growing team of specialists who represent a wide variety of backgrounds, ages, genders, substance and treatment experiences
  • Recovery support sessions are conducted via phone or video – allowing you on demand access to support from anywhere
  • We will support you and your loved one for 12 months or longer (typically after treatment or concurrently with outpatient treatment)
  • We never give up on your loved one, even if there are periods of time where they aren’t responding to our phone calls
  • All specialists are full-time MAP employees and are all nationally and state certified
    • Minimum 3 years in personal-recovery from addiction
    • Minimum 1 year experience providing recovery support
  • Our specialists are available to you and your loved ones 24/7/365
  • You and your loved one get access to the MAPCares mobile app to engage with additional supports (link to MAPCares page)

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