Solutions for Payers

Improve care, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Our solutions enable the discovery of insights through proactive care management, intuitive cost/performance reporting, provider performance comparison and holistic behavioral health population management.

How MAP Delivers Value

MAP’s platform captures a unique and expansive data set that delivers actionable insights to improve clinical and financial outcomes for behavioral health and addiction treatment. At a high level, MAP works with payers to deliver and optimize:

Provider Network Measures

Quantify the clinical treatment patterns and outcomes for physicians across a payer network.

Contracting Model

Create clinical outcome-based contracting strategies and help in implementing/tracking across a provider network.

Risk Stratification

Better stratify members on clinical and financial risk with behavioral health measures.

Quality Improvement

Support the data capture and improvement of behavioral health quality management and align with broader quality strategy in HEDIS, STAR and accountable care programs.

Clinical Program Placement

Identify specific patient populations for targeting enrollment in clinical programs and determine the right level of “total cost” of care.

Consumer Experience/Patient Satisfaction

Improve consumer satisfaction with the ability to provide telehealth services and behavioral health coaching/counseling to the broader network at a lower cost.


Behavioral Health Management

At MAP, we recognize an electronic medical record is not a holistic representation of a patient's mental health and well-being. Our robust behavioral health management platform provides predictive analytics and risk management across participation in rehabilitation services. Utilizing medical, as well as social and psychographic indicators, the MAP platform provides a more complete and accurate picture of a patient's condition.

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Outcomes Data

With the MAP Insights analytical platform, reporting provides clarity into your population's risk, treatment outcomes and treatment opportunities. With our powerful ad-hoc reporting environment users can track thousands of variables and characteristics of your patients. By bringing together these data points into meaningful visualizations and reports, business users can better navigate new insurance reimbursement models and compare performance industry wide.

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Provider Performance Management

Insights available through the MAP Analytical platform enable users to benchmark treatment providers against industry standards, other organizations within your network and drill down to a provider level to understand case load, and characteristics of treatment success and failure across a population.

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