Reduce Downstream Utilization Costs

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Reduce unnecessary treatment episodes and costs for patients with complex needs.

Reducing downstream utilization

MAP’s technology is designed to improve clinical and financial outcomes for treatment providers, patients, and especially payers with a focus on those affected by high-cost, complex needs, chronic behavioral health illnesses. Improving the patient and provider experience through reliable and timely data reduces downstream healthcare costs across the entire healthcare landscape.

The MAP software platform delivers real-time actionable data and insights through a broad ecosystem of post-acute engagement solutions, including telehealth and remote applications and devices. Data is used to stratify risk of relapse, which enables earlier intervention to prevent downstream utilization such as expensive Emergency Room visits, Urgent Care, and specialty care.

True value-based care with an emphasis on patient satisfaction, quality care across health populations, and a reduction in the per capita cost of healthcare is crucial for improved patient outcomes. Preventing costly treatment episodes is of paramount importance in chronic disease populations. Increasing post-acute engagement by extending the continuum of care is the foundation of improving clinical and financial outcomes. MAP’s platform expands the care continuum by delivering post-acute telehealth service for chronic disorders and diseases.