Hospitals & Health Systems

Revenue Cycle Management poses one of the greatest challenges for hospitals and health systems, which are highly susceptible to cash flow issues and bear more than half of the industry’s bad debt. Hospitals are under pressure to improve the quality of care while also facing difficulties regarding declining reimbursements, waning margins, and mounting risk. In addition, many hospitals are also straining to access and utilize the surge of data that has arisen from a variety of initiatives.

Fortunately, diagnosing reimbursement opportunities can provide immediate returns on minimal investment. Working in partnership with your facility, MAP RCS can improve your cash flow and reduce operating costs through advanced, data-rich technologies. Using sophisticated tracking systems and highly trained staff, we deliver customized reports, rigorous insurance investigation, and unrivaled turnaround times. With 25 years of experience in revenue cycle management, our RCS team of experts is able to offer optimal billing and coding for specialized areas such as the following:

  1. State and Payer-Specific Guidelines for Behavioral Health Billing
  2. Behavioral Health Acuity Levels and Authorization Management
  3. Authorization Management
  4. Professional and Facility Billing

As your partner, we want to help increase efficiency and minimize any billing delays. We’ll do this by equipping your facility with a highly trained team of individuals who hold a minimum of 5 years experience in the following disciplines:

  1. Provider Enrollment
  2. Payer Relations, Contracting and Credentialing Services
  3. Eligibility
  4. Utilization Management
  5. Coding
  6. Charge Capture
  7. Claim Management
  8. AR Follow-Up
  9. Reimbursement and Collections
  10. Denial and Appeals Management
  11. Reporting and Analytics
  12. Auditing and Quality Management