Measure Provider Performance

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Enable quality measurement and improvement across your provider networks.

Measuring provider performance

We’ve witnessed first-hand how data and technology and outcomes data can be leveraged to maximize the effectiveness of patient treatment. The MAP platform uses data captured from telehealth sessions and devices to measure quality across your provider network.

MAP utilizes expert statisticians and analysts to compile data points and create intuitive monthly reports so payers and providers can quantify their patient outcomes. Performance measurement is synthesized into an intuitive dashboard that delivers key data that allows providers to assess patient risk, observe trends, and manage staff workloads to improve performance.

The MAP process evaluates an organization’s priorities, challenges, competencies, existing workflows and data integrations to develop and implement strategic initiatives, identify ROI, staffing plans, and set up phase based delivery to improve clinical workflows and address long-term needs. This involves a deep dive into organizational challenges, competencies and priorities; a thorough technical assessment of workflows and data integrations, and vetting organizational operations to identify additional value-add opportunities.

MAP identifies and mitigates potential barriers that lead to costly disruptions in workflow. The end goal of an organization should be to create a long-term model that addresses the needs of everyone. Through our process MAP is able to minimize risk and position your organization for success.