Revenue Cycle Management

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Our initial assessment provides us with the ability to collaborate with you in order to personalize your operational plan. The result is a fully transformed revenue cycle continuum! MAP leads the industry in its data-driven initiatives and our clients benefit from improved and sustainable outcomes.

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MAP's advanced, data-driven technologies guide our successful Revenue Cycle Management operations. Our clients receive services based on integrated, sophisticated tracking systems and software that allow us to customize your reports. With the latest technological advances at our fingertips, our dedicated, professional staff leads the industry with unprecedented turnaround times, rigorous insurance investigation processes and quality control measures that do not rely solely on payer-automated tools.

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MAP's Distinction?

In a field facing increasing compliance risk, can you really afford a cheap billing company that cuts corners? We treat billing as an investment, not an expense. Our personalized approach is to maximize your return and deliver impeccable customer service. We offer:

  • Unparalleled and systematic staff training.
  • Claim status workflow that begins on day seven and status checks performed every 14 days.
  • Re-verification of benefits at regular intervals.
  • Physician-to-Physician reviews based on criteria established by ASAM. MAP's physicians have more than 25 years of Revenue Cycle experience.
  • Clean Claims Submission' process with In-Network and Out-of-Network claims submitted the first time, every time.

Physician-led Utilization Management

MAP's experienced clinical staff will help maximize your patients' benefits by obtaining longer stays at the highest levels of care. MAP's knowledge, and managed-care company relationships provide you with an accurate evaluation of your client based on ASAM and established criteria. The utilization management team examines all aspects of your facility including your daily schedule, protocols, and program, assisting you in the implementation of required clinical forms and processes.