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Join the nations's largest addiction treatment and behavioral health recovery network.

We invite you to learn more. Let us know if you are interested in joining an alliance of professionals dedicated to improving treatment outcomes and reducing the far reaching impacts of the chronic disease of addiction and other behavioral health illnesses.


Our Growing Network

The MAP Recovery Network is an alliance of over 70 nationally recognized treatment providers and licensed therapists committed to:

  • Extending the continuum of care for addiction treatment by providing reimbursable, post-treatment recovery support services via the MAP telehealth platform.
  • Measuring, demonstrating and improving outcomes.
  • Differentiating themselves to consumers & health insurance payers.

Empower your practice with data to improve outcomes

  • Access measurable outcomes data for your clients as well as alerts for increased risk which align with the recovery plan.
  • Enhance your clinical interventions with risk alerts and indicator metrics.
  • Track, demonstrate and benchmark your outcomes data with the field in order to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Use the EHR for your practice.

Grow your revenue and referral network

  • Receive referrals from highly respected treatment centers in the MAP Recovery Network.
  • Implement post-treatment recovery support as a reimbursable telehealth service.

Enhance your practice visibility and image

  • Participate in a network of quality providers who share the same mission of improved access and measurable outcomes.
  • Position your practice for the regulatory changes specific to mandatory electronic health record use and pay-for-performance changes.
  • Effectively differentiate yourselves to consumers and payers based on quality measures.

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Minimum Counselor Requirements:

  • Provide current and valid state license in the mental health field.
  • Demonstrate clinical experience in the field of substance abuse/recovery.
  • Complete a vetting interview with MAP's team.
  • MAP strongly encourages participation in ongoing training with the MAP clinical team on the latest research and data on clinical advancements in the addictions field, effective recovery counseling techniques and telehealth practices.