Open Out Recovery Joins MAP Recovery Network

November 19, 2015   Chris Gates

Open Out Recovery will increase its ability to improve clients’ long-term success by demonstrating the efficacy of its treatment plans and offering 12 months of post-treatment recovery support.


Open Out Recoveryannounced today it has joined the MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. By aligning with more than 50 quality addiction treatment facilities committed to collecting and demonstrating outcomes data, Open Out will further distinguish itself in the field of addiction treatment.

Operating as an addiction recovery facility exclusively serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT) community, Open Out offers a comprehensive addiction treatment program that fosters close bonds amongst a group of clients who experience similar underlying challenges and circumstances. Open Out addresses those challenges in order for the entire addiction treatment experience to be relevant for the client. Open Out subscribes to an evidence-based treatment approach and utilizes practices that facilitate a holistic approach to healing that includes focus on physical, neurological, mental, social, emotional and spiritual components.

The Recovery Network is the first-ever, standardized, alliance of addiction treatment providers dedicated to delivering quality addiction treatment, who utilize resources to track and demonstrate outcomes data, improve and demonstrate the efficacy of their services. As in other aspects of healthcare, the ability to demonstrate success rates in addiction treatment by using data is quickly becoming the standard for quality treatment facilities. By joining the Recovery Network, Open Out increases its ability to help LGBT clients achieve long-term recovery by offering an additional 12 months of ongoing recovery support following program completion.

“We are excited to join MAP’s Recovery Network. Open Out’s commitment to improving the likelihood that our clients will achieve sobriety and maintain long-term recovery is at the core of our mission”, said Joyce Matera, National Outreach Coordinator at Open Out Recovery. “Our goal is to offer the finest addiction treatment in the United States and we are on our way to doing so.”

MAP’s mission is to improve long-term success rates for individuals and families struggling with the disease of addiction. The company offers a variety of services including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program which helps patients sustain recovery post-treatment by offering weekly recovery support from peers who have been in their position and experienced similar challenges. The recovery support program will help Open Out graduates transition from treatment to a balanced life of sustainable, long-term sobriety.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Open Out to the MAP Recovery Network. A facility whose focus with the LGBT population seeking addiction treatment offers value to an oftentimes stigmatized and underserved group”, commented Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management. “By demonstrating its outcomes using quantifiable measures, Open Out will be recognized as preeminent addiction treatment experts, particularly as we see the field of Behavior Health transition to a pay-for-performance model.”

With a program based on a task-oriented model designed to help clients overcome specific obstacles and manage their emotions and situations without the use of chemicals, Open Out clients are well-prepared upon completing treatment. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network gives Open Out a powerful advantage to help its clients sustain long-term recovery from substance abuse.

About Open Out Recovery
Open Out provides a substance addiction program designed exclusively to meet the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. Often, members of the LGBT community can feel uncomfortable openly discussing their sexuality, gender identity and how they relate to their problems with addiction. At Open Out, clients can be at ease discussing their problems with addiction in a judgement-free community of their peers. Open Out provides peer connections within the LGBT recovery community as well as mentors. Ancillary services are also provided geared toward the individual needs of clients and in association with sober living houses that are gay-owned and operated, as well as LGBT 12 step clubhouse. Open Out stands behind its commitment to client outcomes. If a client successfully completes a 90-day program and does not maintain sobriety, the client is welcome to return for 30 days of complimentary treatment.

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