MAP and CaredFor Launch MAPCares App to Support Families in Recovery from Addiction

August 23, 2018  

August 23, 2018, Austin, TX - MAP Health Management, LLC., announced today the launch of MAPCares through its partnership with CaredFor. MAPCares is designed to deliver additional support to family members of individuals seeking recovery from addiction. CaredFor is a leading mobile application in the addiction treatment and recovery field that empowers individuals and families to stay connected with their entire support network in one place, and is a forum to share support and encouragement, track recovery progress, and stay connected to their treatment program in a meaningful way. Additional features include a content library, videos, podcasts, articles, and books which help provide education and support.

The initial launch will be with a pilot program in September of this year wherein thousands of family members currently supported by MAP's long-term, peer recovery support services will also be offered the MAPCares app as an additional tool to help them successfully navigate and manage the recovery process. MAP will integrate data from the MAPCares mobile application into MAP's data store to inform MAP’s assessment of the individuals' risk of relapse and recidivism. MAP is contracted by health insurance companies to deliver peer recovery support services to their members and will deploy MAPCares to help promote better outcomes across the family system.

The goal of the pilot is to improve outcomes by making additional support tools available to family members of those in recovery from addiction. MAP’s own data shows that up to 91% of readmissions into addiction treatment are actually facilitated by family members, not the patient themselves. MAP’s certified peer services already provide continuous, personal outreach to family members and will use the MAPCares app as an additional tool to promote engagement and support.

"Our experience at MAP tells us that addiction is a family disease and improving addiction treatment outcomes and increasing access to support for family members go hand-in-hand. Combining MAP’s peer services with a quality digital recovery support tool such as MAPCares, has great potential to help families recover more effectively." said Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, LLC.

“Families are often thefirst responders of addiction treatment and are a critical component to helping to improve outcomes.Providing MAPCares to families, empowers them to stay connected and engaged while accessing additional tools and resources.MAPCares let’s families know they are not alone and change is possible” said Parker Polidor, Co-Founder of CaredFor

About CaredFor

CaredFor works treatment providers to help them stay connected and engaged with patients, families and alumni.The white labeled app powers community, content and clinical tools which are designed to improve outcomes, increase referrals and build brand awareness.For more information, visit

About MAP Health Management, LLC.

From its inception in 2011, MAP’s mission has been to improve outcomes for the millions of people annually diagnosed and treated for the chronic disease of addiction, formally referred to as Substance Use Disorder. MAP delivers a much-needed long-term support model by deploying a suite of proprietary solutions including tech-enabled peer recovery support services, an adaptive engagement framework, outcomes reporting, and predictive analytics – all designed to improve health outcomes for individuals and reduce preventable healthcare cost. For more information, visit