Family First Adolescent Services Joins MAP Recovery Network

November 6, 2015   Chris Gates

Family First will increase its ability to improve clients’ long-term recovery rates by measuring and demonstrating its outcomes data.

Family First Adolescent Services announced today it has joined the MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. By aligning itself with more than 50 quality addiction treatment facilities committed to collecting and demonstrating its outcomes data, Family First will further distinguish itself in the field of addiction treatment.


An intensive outpatient and extended care program for adolescents and their families, Family First requires clients and family members to participate in a specific schedule of sessions in order to heal as a family; a method based on research that asserts substance abuse is a family disease. The importance of collecting and demonstrating outcomes is at the core of the MAP Recovery Network and aligns with the commitment Family First has toward improving its client’s rates of long-term recovery from addiction.

The Recovery Network is the first-ever, standardized, alliance of addiction treatment providers who are dedicated to delivering quality addiction treatment, who utilize resources to track and demonstrate outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate the efficacy of their services. By joining the Recovery Network, Family First increases its ability to help clients achieve long-term sobriety by offering 12 months of ongoing recovery support following program completion.

“We are excited to join MAP’s Recovery Network as it is a logical step toward achieving our overarching goal of collecting and reporting the success of our program as it pertains to the specific adolescent population in which we specialize”, said James McManus, Founder and CEO of Family First. “Having the ability to offer long-term recovery support goes hand-in-hand with our extended aftercare program.”

MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes for individuals and families struggling with the disease. The company offers a variety of services including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program which helps patients sustain recovery post-treatment. Future plans include expanding the Recovery Network beyond the field of Behavioral Health.

“Family First is a great addition to the Recovery Network for the adolescent population seeking intensive, outpatient treatment”, commented Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management. “By demonstrating outcomes using quantifiable measures, these quality addiction treatment providers will be recognized as the preeminent addiction treatment experts, particularly as the field of Behavior Health begins its migration to a pay-for-performance model.”

With its core values of quality treatment, thorough education and sound prevention, Family First effectively delivers its services based on the family system model. Membership in the MAP Recovery Network gives Family First a powerful advantage to help clients sustain long-term recovery from substance abuse.

About Family First Adolescent Services

Family First is an intensive outpatient program for adolescents and their families based on the family systems model for substance abuse treatment. There is a minimum two month commitment that consists of 11 clinical hours per week. These hours are divided between a general process group, a relapse prevention group, a family systems group and a family psycho-educational group for parents. In addition to these three groups the client will have one individual therapy session and one family session per week. Family First offers both adolescent and adult men’s programs which also includes sessions in coping and mindfulness skills and 12-step education.

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