For Treatment Providers

The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network

The MAP Recovery Network is comprised of behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers who are empowered by data to measure, demonstrate and improve their rates of success.

Become a Center-of-Excellence

MAP Network members differentiate themselves to:

  • The field of behavioral health with quality treatment and innovative practices.
  • Health insurance payers through the ability to demonstrate value.
  • The consumer by demonstrating expanded value and efficacy supported by data

MAP Recovery Network members rely on the MAP Recovery Network Platform to provide long-term support to their alumni. Data shows that extended support following the completion of addiction treatment dramatically increases connection and the potential to maintain long-term recovery from addiction.


Why the MAP Recovery Network?

In a field facing declining reimbursements and more rigid demands for value, the MAP Recovery Network Platform is your turnkey, standardized solution. As a MAP Recovery Network Member, you will be able to grow your revenue, demonstrate and improve your long-term treatment outcomes and achieve revenue cycle excellence.

Improve Outcomes and Diversify Your Revenue

  • Improve care coordination and grow your referral network with access to thousands of counselors in the MAP Recovery Network ecosystem.
  • Implement post-treatment recovery support as a reimbursable telehealth service.
  • Track, demonstrate and benchmark your outcomes data with the field in order to identify strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Enhance the value of your program and your brand messaging to consumers.

Achieve Revenue Cycle Excellence

  • Physician-led Utilization Management with more than 25 years' of experience in the field.
  • Consumer-focused account management.
  • Customized reports with full data transparency.
  • Provider enrollment for In-Network and Out-of-Network.
  • HIPAA compliant.

What is the MAP Recovery Network?

The MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, is an alliance of healthcare providers dedicated to the provision of quality treatment and the utilization of resources to track and manage outcomes data. These leading providers utilize a consolidated behavioral health management platform in order to improve success rates and demonstrate the efficacy of chemical dependency programs.

Why does the MAP Recovery Network exist?

  • To empower an alliance of providers who demonstrate and improve their treatment outcomes with the data necessary to navigate the changing reimbursement paradigm.
  • To provide quality providers a way to effectively differentiate themselves to consumers based on quality measures.
  • To fill the need for a consolidated and standardized group of providers who use a unified outcomes platform which gives payers the ability to discern quality and utilize providers best suited for patients on an individualized basis.

What value does joining the MAP Recovery Network bring?

The MAP Recovery Network is your comprehensive solution to optimizing your business by growing revenue and streamlining your operations. By joining the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, you will ensure your facility utilizes advanced technologies and is positioned for continued growth and success.

What solutions are offered by the MAP Recovery Network?

Recovery Support via Telehealth

  • Extend your continuum of care beyond treatment.
  • Empower your facility and counselors with data to improve outcomes.
  • Diversify your revenue stream by adding a reimbursable telehealth service.
  • Grow your referral network by care coordinating within MAP's Network of Licensed Professional Counselors.
  • Demonstrate the quality and value of your services to health insurance payers and healthcare consumers who are increasingly demanding to see outcomes data and treatment success rates.

Outcomes Data

  • Provides actionable data on your alumni with real-time, high risk alerts.
  • Illuminates your facility's strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Tracks thousands of variables and characteristics relevant to your alumni.
  • Generates comprehensive monthly MAP Executive Reports for your facility.
  • Provides you with meaningful data to navigate the new insurance reimbursement paradigm.
  • Allows you to compare your outcomes with industry-wide data.

Revenue Cycle Consulting and Management including Billing

  • Physician-led Utilization Management.
  • Account management approach with personalized and dedicated service.
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant revenue cycle software for managing workflows.
  • Standard and customizable monthly reports with full data transparency.
  • Provider enrollment for in and out of network.
  • Access to our expert clinical team including physicians with over 25 years' of addiction medicine experience.