Tech-Enabled Peer Recovery Support Services

Expand your care continuum and track outcomes for no cost

Long-term engagement is critical to improving outcomes. Since 2011, MAP has been the leader in delivering certified peer recovery support services and tracking outcomes for individuals and families seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). MAP's approach demonstrates sustained annual engagement of over 45% with alumni and family members.

MAP’s Experience Since 2011:

  • Understanding how to efficiently deliver and scale peer recovery support services and outcomes collection
  • Provide a premium certified peer service that is standardized across markets
  • MAP has peer specialists across the country which allows for diversity and more precise matching with clients seeking recovery
  • Conducted over 200,000 peer-led engagements for SUD
  • Extensive experience working with SUD treatment providers
  • Works closely with payers like Aetna and BCBS to deploy peer services through many referral channels (treatment providers (post-acute), payer case management, payer utilization management, emergency rooms, employers, EAPs etc.)
  • Standardized and scalable - peer services delivery and outcomes data reporting and analytics

MAP’s Unique Approach and Capabilities

MAP's peer specialists use MAP's proprietary care management platform to maximize engagement and outcomes collection:

  • Predictive / proactive risk identification – MAP understands which factors and data points signal risk of relapse
  • Peer-led adaptive engagement – no ‘one size fits all’ approach to engagement –
  • MAP has developed a proprietary tech-enabled ecosystem to include multi-channel engagement options (phone, video, messaging, mobile apps, remote monitoring devices)

How do providers benefit?

Expand your care continuum and support for alumni and families.

Improve your step-down program compliance and retention – MAP’s service aligns with discharge plans

Improved stake in readmission process – facilitated by MAP’s frequent and long-term engagement with alumni and family members

Outcomes data - track and demonstrate; 3rd party collected:

  • Improve your programs and demonstrate new strengths
  • Be prepared for value-based reimbursement models
  • IMPORTANT: Your outcomes are never shared by name unless you choose to market your own data

What Does It Cost?

MAP's services and outcomes reporting are NO COST to treatment providers. MAP's services are either covered by the payer or self-pay from the client.

What is a MAP PRSS?

MAP PRSS = MAP Certifed Peer Recovery Support

  • Specialists:
  • Have 3+ years in recovery
  • Are full-time MAP employees with benefits
  • Possess national and state certification
  • Are located across the country