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Peter Magyar ¹, Viktoria Temesi ¹, Geza Toth ¹, Peter Lukovich ², Katalin Kiss ¹, Erno Mako ¹. Semmelweis University Professors of Medicine, Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology and Oncotherapy ¹ as well as first Dept. of Surgical Treatment ², Budapest, Hungary.


Function: The objective of the poster was to analyze the function of the traditional comparison ingest X-ray method in the diagnose of diverticula (located in the gullet, tummy, duodenum) prior to as well as after procedure.

Approaches and products: 40 clients with dysphagia, GI bleeding, discomfort in the mediastinum were examined by contrast ingest. According to the signs and symptoms, we utilized single-contrast swallowing with barium/ Micropaque/ (dysphagia) or per dental non-ionic comparison product/ Gastrografin/ (suspect of perforation, 4-6 days post operative) and double-contrast research study of the tummy and also the duodenum.

Results: Incidence of the oesophageal diverticula in our study was: Pharyngo-oesophageal or ‘Zenker's' diverticulum in 43%, Subcarinal or ‘grip' diverticulum 10%, Epiphrenic diverticulum 15% as well as in various other localisation 5%.

Duodenal diverticula present in 27% of instances mainly on the coming down part of the duodenum.After medical therapy were found deficiency of the crycopharingeal muscular tissue – desire -, lack of suture – mediastinal effusion, mediastinitis -, stricture – dysphagia -, residual diverticula – persistant complains.

Final thought: Besides the benefit of modern-modalities (CT, MRI) we can not neglect the duty and also the importance of the standard X-ray strategy in the follow-up of the patients as shown in our discussion.


Szabolcs Farkas, Katalin Kiss, Gyöngyvér Szentmártoni, Péter Magyar, Ádám Mester, Ernő MakóDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology and also Oncotherapy, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

Purpose:The aim is to present an uncommon instance Bouveret disorder (gallstone ileus), in which the initial medical whine was haematemesis.

Methods and also Products:

75-year-old women person was confessed for recurrence vomiting and haematemesis, that had ERCP one year back, because of mechanical jaundice triggered by usual bile duct rock.
After the first physical as well as laboratorial assessments breast X-ray, native stomach X-ray and ingesting X-ray with per oral non-ionic (Gastrographin) contrast material was done.

Given that the general condition and the haematemesis of the person was intensifying, immediate endoscopy and before the procedure native CT was performed with per dental non-ionic (Gastrographin) comparison product.

Results: After the initial X-ray as well as stomach ultrasound examinations, in the light bulb of the duodenum a big gallstone was detected. The ingesting X-ray showed, that the rock closed the lumen as well as made a stomach electrical outlet blockage.

The urgent endoscopy exposed erosions– as the factor of haemathemesis- at the degree of the cardia, as a result of the throwing up.CT additionally enhanced the diagnosis of the gallstone in the light bulb of the duodenum.One-stage procedure (cholecystectomy, eliminating of the rock from a gastrostomy and also suture of the cholecysto-duodenal fistula) was performed.

Conclusions: This type of gallstone ileus (Bouveret Syndrome) is rather unusual complication. Only few reasons are understood in the literature, and just one other situation was discovered, where the very first indicator of the disorder was haemathemesis.


Barta H. Miklós, Berentey Ernő, Fornet Béla, Forrai Gábor National Medical Facility, Radiology Dept., Budapest, HungaryAbstract: Objective: to offer the advantages and also negative aspects of a complete digital radiology division.

Products as well as techniques: The traditional radiology and also the area movies of gastroenterologic studies are exposed on phosphor plates because 1999 at our department. 2 work-stations are used for making the reports and also 6 viewing-stations are mounted at far-off divisions. A central server arranges the data circulation and the archive system includes magneto-optical discs in a juke-box.

Outcomes: The traditional x-ray methods are fully integrated in the system. The number of hardcopies is significantly decreased. The medical professionals might quickly access the photos on the viewing-stations. Opportunity of teleradiology and teleconsultation is integrated in the system.

The high quality of the exams ended up being greater and also uniform. The images of different approaches (CT, fluoroscopy) are kept also in electronic style. The drawbacks are the high price of installment, a new process and coverage routines need to be started. A trouble of one component can trigger the breakdown of the whole system.

Verdict: A well made PACS has wonderful advantages worrying the every-day job and also in clinical purposes however some drawbacks can likewise be acknowledged. The brand-new methods, the digital globe pressures us to develope and also define new technological standards in order to get uniform high quality.

Gion Katalin, Milassin Péter, Császár József *.

Department of Radiology, * Division of Traumatology, College of Szeged, Professors of General Medication Szeged, Hungary.

Abstract:.Our goal was to verify that the MR exam plays a vital function in establishing the stability of bones as well as broken pieces.In 12 years of ages youngster, nonunion crack of scaphoideum bone was identified 6 months after the injury. To plan the healing technique MR assessment was performed.

On the basis of the outcomes, appropriate surgical procedure was embarked on. 6 months after the surgical procedure and also normal physical rehabilitation the individual's issues disappeared. Standard radiographs as well as MR examinations done during stringent follow up proved the benefit of the treatment as well as complete recovery of the fracture.
In recap the MRI played a vital function in intending the therapy and follow up.


Modify Gyömbér, M.D. 1, Bettina Giran, M.D. 1, Gyöngyi Nagy, M.D. 1, Mária Szenes, M.D. 2.Division of Radiology1, Division of Gastroenterology2, Zala Area Hospital of Medical University of Pécs, Zalaegerszeg., Hungary.

Abstract:. CT Colonography, has actually been typically referred to as Online Colonoscopy is a brand-new approach in stomach radiology that was established largely for the recognition of colonic polyps and cancer cells. It incorporates spiral CT technology and also progressed three-dimensional graphics software program to produce endoluminal images of the colon.

CT Colonography can offer a fast, noninvasive total colon evaluation without the requirement for sedation. The preliminary level of sensitivities contrast well with standard colonoscopy for polyps 5 mm or bigger. With the intro of multi-slice CT modern technology, CT Colonography is progressively coming to be appealing alternative for intestines mass screening.

In this lecture I summarize the existing standing, evaluate the screening methods presently made use of to spot intestines cancer and the importance of very early detection. I focus on individual preparation, imaging protocols, postprocessing approaches, the risk of radiation, costs as well as future instructions. Ultimately I offer our outcomes, our experiences, since we collaborate with this method for one year with the very first multi-slice spiral CT in Hungary.


  • Anna TELEK, Adrienne CSERHÁTI, Gabriella KOVÁCS, Zita MORVAY, András PALKÓ.
  • College of Szeged, Faculty of General Medication, Division of Radiology, Hungary.


Throughout the last 3 years we have found 4 situations of presumed acute and/or recurring tiny bowel intussusception on United States as well as X-ray exam.
All but one had actually histologically verified tumorous leading factors. Four clients.
undertook procedure in order to solve the blockage and also get rid of the lumps: metastatic melanoma (1 ), carcinoid (1 ), adenoma within a Meckel's diverticulum (1 ).

One client had no surgery due to the intermittent character of signs and aging.
The particular US findings of invagination are demonstrated in this study. The radiologists and physicans must look out when intussusception or little digestive tract blockage is discovered in adults because the therapeutic consequenses are different from the childhood years cases.

In their adult years the top point of invagination is normally tumor. KEYWORDS: intussusception in adults, small bowel, United States.PICTURE DISPLAY TECHNIQUES IN HELICAL CT

. Ozretic D., Žokalj I., Pavčec Z., Buddy A., Saghir H.,
. County Health Center Čakovec, Croatia.


Big datasets obtained with helical CT scanners generating as lots of as few hundred pictures, make routine axial photo assessing extremely lengthy and also inefficient. Therefore, accompanying computer system workstations have now become an essential as well as irreplaceable tool in radiologists' hands. Powerful equipment configurations are needed to take care of and also keep that huge quantity of information. Software program applications that create pictures in various aircrafts and also three-dimensional repairs have reinvented analysis and therapeutic radiology.

Multi-planar (MPR) and also curved-planar (CPR) restorations together with multislice helical CT offer pictures with isotropic resolution in all possible body aircrafts. Optimum (MIP) and also minimal strength (MinIP) estimates rebuilded from intravenously contrast-enhanced scans have basically replaced timeless intraarterial angiography. Surface-shaded display screen (SSD) as well as quantity making (VIRTUAL REALITY) 3D restorations are one more foundation in imaging of vascular structures, as well as have actually even found their area in intending restorative procedures. The most incredible screen strategy is a navigated endoluminal imaging – virtual endoscopy. Its specific benefits over well-known invasive treatments such as colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, angioscopy etc., have actually currently won a couple of battles in radiology's lawn battles.

Examples will certainly exist of all provided photo display screen techniques, reconstructed on GE “Benefit Workstation 4.0” (AW 4.0), from assessments performed on single-slice spiral CT scanner (GE “HiSpeed LX/i).


Ines Moscatello, Ljubomir Penezić, Daniela Poretti, General Hospital Pula, Pula, Croatia.
Abstract:.Spontaneous haematoma of the abdominal wall surface is an uncommon and uncommon, but not so rare entity, particularly in elderly. Although it is a well-described medical entity, it is frequently misdiagnosed or ignored.

Analysis error occurred frequently due to the failing to consider this condition as the reason for serious stomach pain. It may imitate any other surgical problem that causes peritonitis. Trigger consideration of this uncommon root cause of stomach pain may stop a lot more costly and invasive diagnostic treatment and avoid unnecessary surgical treatment (also laparatomies).

US as well as CT permitted a proper diagnosis. We report 2 cases of spontaneous haematoma of the stomach wall in elderly females, after vigorous coughing. UNUSUAL LOOK OF AN MECKEL'S DIVERTICULUM: A SITUATION RECORD.

Pervan M, Frkovic M, Oberman B, Škegro M.

Department of Radiology, Department of Surgical Procedure, University Hospital Zagreb– Rebro, Zagreb, Croatia. Abstract:. An uncommon instance of Meckel's diverticulum – one of the most common abnormality of intestinal system – located on antimesenteric border of ileum, 80 cm from ileocecal shutoff is reported.

The first medical function was small bowel ileus. Radiological treatments suggested anomaly of digestive tract rotation and also addiction, and also neoplastic lesion of among distal ileal loops. Based on these searchings for, person was operated on and also intraoperative finding was Meckel' diverticulum.

The sore was excised as well as the histopatologic outcome of sampling was consistent with Meckel' diverticulum. Possible differential medical diagnoses and also the impact of different imaging methods are discussed.

Key words: Meckel's diverticulum – Little bowel ileus – Radiological methods and also findings.PROSTATE CANCER CELLS WITH NORMAL PSA WORTHS: An INSTANCE RECORD AS WELL AS LITERARY WORKS EVALUATION.

Obad Kovačević D., Hebrang A.

Teaching Hospital “Merkur”, Zagreb, Croatia.Abstract:.Prostate cancer cells is second to lung cancer cells as a typical root cause of cancer death among men. PSA, DRE and also TRUS are important in spotting prostate cancer. In most clients with prostate cancer PSA worths rise (typically greater than 10 ng/ ml). However, roughly 20 % of patients have PSA values in the variety 2-10 ng/ ml. Is it sensibly to rely on PSA as an indication for biopsy? We report on a 66 years old male who created necessity as well as nocturia.

Initial DRE exposed mild prostatic enlargement and the solidity of the right prostatic wattle. Pee test for infection and blood was unfavorable. TRUS exposed moderate benign prostatic hypertropy. From October 1999. to October 2002. he was doing numerous controls (PSA, TRUS and also DRE were duplicated every 6-8 months). PSA values were 2.1, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2 as well as 1.1 before biopsy.

DRE and also TRUS revealed no changes. Due to continuous pathologic DRE, urologist required prostatic biopsy, which showed well separated prostatic adenocarcinoma. Preoperative CT of the hips and also bone check revealed no indications of lump dissemination. He mosted likely to extreme prostatectomy. Although, usually counting on lotion PSA when we need to decidede for biopsy, this case shows worth of DRE.


Marušić A., Borić I., Roić G., Antičević D., Posarić V.Facility for kids's diseases, Center for orthopedics, Clinical Healthcare facility Facility, Zagreb, Croatia.Abstract:.OBJECTIVE: to assess the adjustments of the proximal tibial growth plate in client with Blount disease by MRI.

PRODUCTS AND TECHNIQUE: MR findings were assessed in 6 impacted legs of 4 kids with severe tibial bowing making use of 2T MR device.

RESULTS: In all patients was founded delay in ossification of the medial tibial epiphysis. Adjustments of tibial development plate as well as surrounding frameworks we established consisting of: bone marrow edema of the median tibial epiphysis and medial and also side metaphysis, widening as well as anxiety of the medial growth plate, breaches of development plate cartilage into the metaphysis, varus defect of the reduced leg, widening of the side development plate, osteochondral injury to the median femoral condyle, hypertrophy and also signal strength changes of the median lens and also focal bone bridging.

VERDICT:. MRI shows a range of the development plate irregularities in people with Blount condition, including bone bridges and is very useful in medical planing.

Frković M. 1, Frković M. 1, Odorčić Krsnik M. 2, Čop S. 2.

1Departement of radiology, Departement of pediatric medicines, University Hospital Centre Zagreb Rebro and 2Departement of radiology, Kid's Clinic Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.

Abstract:. Radiological finding of intususception is based upon ultrasound searching for of “uncertainty” as well as “target” indications with concentrical lays of the bowel wall surface.
Indications of the small digestive tract ileus and also soft tissued shadow of intususceptum can be located on the plain stomach movie.

Radilogical searching for of malrotation is based upon ultrasound presentation of relationship in between the aretria mesenterica superior as well as stomach aorta. It is likewise needed to figure out the position of duodenojejunal as well as ileocecal fleksures with comparison procedures (barium meal, barium enema).

Authors present the radiological and intraoperative searchings for in 88 kids who were surgicaly dealt with due to intususception during the ten years period.
Analasys of the radiological procedures causes diagnostics of intususception and also malrotation, and intraoperative findings, revealed link in between malrotation as well as the size of intususceptum. Nevertheless, intensivity of that connection might not be established with utilized radiological treatments.

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