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By bundling MAP Billing with Recovery Support and Outcome Data, your facility will benefit from state-of-the-art services and will also save on the cost of each service. All of MAP’s divisions are designed to work together to provide the information and support you need to succeed in today’s health care paradigm.

When your facility chooses to bill with MAP, you get the MAP Program for less and your actionable outcome data at no cost! Streamline your operations, drive new revenue and improve your outcomes.


The Challenge Presented by the Need for Accurate Outcome Data

Outcome data is quickly becoming a necessity in the chemical dependency treatment industry, but the very nature of the business makes collecting the data itself a challenge. MAP Health Management has been actively collecting data on thousands of clients from multiple centers across the United States since 2011. Here are...

There Is No Substitute for Experience

  There has been a lot of discussion of late from both inside and outside the chemical dependency treatment industry about the need for scientifically collected outcome data. People from outside the industry have begun to question treatment’s claims of effectiveness, and many are starting to demand meaningful data on...
Family Involvement in Recovery

Family Involvement in Recovery

Variable: Family Involvement in Recovery 20% – People with solid family involvement are 20% more likely to report no family stress than those without family involvement 50% – Policing – During the first 90 days out of treatment people with solid family involvement report 50% less monitoring and policing by...
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romancing drinking

Romanticizing Use

Variable: Romanticizing Use 21.9% – Those who romanticize use are expected to be 21.41% more likely to relapse than those who do not romanticize use. 4.67 – For every 4.67 people that we might be able to move from romanticizing use to not romanticizing use, we might likely prevent 1...
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MAP Data - Relationship changes

Changes in Relationship

Variable: Changes in Relationship Those coded as having negative changes in their relationships were 21.52% more likely to relapse than those coded as having positive changes in their relationships. Therefore, for every  4.65 people we might move from having negative relationship changes to positive relationship changes, we might likely prevent...
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