MAP Recovery Support

MAP Recovery Support is the nation’s leading provider of relapse prevention recovery support for adults, adolescents, and their families who seek to achieve long-term recovery. The multidimensional Recovery Support Program centers on highly-trained Recovery Advocates using clinically-developed software to deliver effective, long-term recovery support. By leveraging a combination of one-on-one support and data driven technologies MAP is changing the way the industry thinks about the post-treatment recovery experience.

Adding the Recovery Support Program to your treatment services:
  • Improves your outcomes by supporting both your alumni and their families through the first year of recovery
  • Gives you detailed outcome data on your program through standardized monthly Executive Reports
  • Provides real-time information about relapsing alumni and facilitates re-admissions into your center
  • Enhances your admissions and marketing message by extending your services by 12 months
  • Maintains your treatment message

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Being a Recovery Advocate

Recovery Advocates Molly M. and Harley S.discuss their job, the Recovery Support Program and what it’s like to be a part of so many people’s first year of recovery and sobriety.

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