Because MAP® Revenue Cycle Solutions brings more than 25 years of physician-led experience to the table, our billing and coding practices are well-suited for Oncology specialists located in clinics, within hospitals, and operating in group or individual practices. Cancer is a leading cause of death in our nation and Oncology departments are flooded with demands for effective treatment and smooth operating procedures. We understand the importance of treating chronic illnesses that often require additional treatment, and when it comes to medical billing for your Oncology practice, RCS works to oversee best practice for the following: :

  1. Chemotherapy Administration and Therapeutic Infusions
  2. Injection Reporting
  3. Code Bundling
  4. Extensive Coding Expertise Related to Diagnoses, Procedures, and Modifiers
  5. State and Payer-Specific Guidelines for Oncology Billing
  6. Authorization Management
  7. Professional and Facility Billing

We function as your partner in the administrative duties that Oncology practices are tasked with. Our experienced team offers comprehensive expertise and highly-trained skillsets in the following specialty areas:

  1. Provider Enrollment
  2. Payer Relations, Contracting and Credentialing Services
  3. Eligibility
  4. Utilization Management
  5. Coding
  6. Charge Capture
  7. Claim Management
  8. AR Follow-Up
  9. Reimbursement and Collections
  10. Denial and Appeals Management
  11. Reporting and Analytics
  12. Auditing and Quality Management