Medical Groups

While new patient models take effect, declining reimbursements and increasing compliance risk are adding pressure to the profitability of medical groups. As a gap grows in between payment updates and practice costs, there is a critical need for an optimized revenue cycle that allows for faster payments without further burden on staff.

MAP RCS fills this need with advanced, data-driven technologies that maximize returns and deliver exemplary service. Backed by highly experienced staff, MAP’s solutions offer custom reports, rigorous insurance investigation processes, and unparalleled turnaround times. With the right revenue cycle solution, medical groups can receive payments faster, treat more patients, and stay ahead of change.

As a result, both physicians and patients are able to benefit from improved and sustainable outcomes in the following areas:

  1. State and Payer-Specific Guidelines for Behavioral Health Billing
  2. Behavioral Health Acuity Levels and Authorization Management
  3. Authorization Management
  4. Professional and Facility Billing

To ensure that we are able to provide the utmost value for your medical group, each RCS team member is thoroughly trained with a background including a minimum of 5 years of experience in the following areas:

  1. Provider Enrollment
  2. Payer Relations, Contracting and Credentialing Services
  3. Eligibility
  4. Utilization Management
  5. Coding
  6. Charge Capture
  7. Claim Management
  8. AR Follow-Up
  9. Reimbursement and Collections
  10. Denial and Appeals Management
  11. Reporting and Analytics
  12. Auditing and Quality Management