Can my son return to college and stay sober?

March 16, 2016   Jon Wells

Dear Jon,

My youngest son, 22 years old, has been sober for 6 months. He wants to go back to college in Florida to finish his degree in Microbiology. We live in Michigan and I feel this is a bad idea due to the fact he was using in college. I’m clueless as to what to do or say to him.


Clueless Mom

Dear Clueless,

Isn’t it exciting that your son wants to go back to college to finish his degree? After all he has been through with addiction and treatment he is showing that he has goals and interests! What a tremendous and amazing opportunity your son has.

While your fears are justifiable, some colleges are establishing or have already created collegiate recovery programs. Some colleges even have dorm floors and entire buildings dedicated to students in recovery. Collegiate recovery programs strive to create a campus-based, recovery-friendly space that support those in recovery by those in recovery. How cool is that?

Clueless, I suggest talking to your son about collegiate recovery programs and find colleges that have programs in place to support him while he finishes his degree. More support is always better than less. And just think what it will feel like to watch him walk across the stage to receive his degree!

You’ve got this,


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