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On Wednesday, January 18th at 11am CST, MAP and Aetna Behavioral Health will host a webinar to discuss how payers and providers are changing the face of behavioral health through collaborative long-term care models. Jacob Levenson, Founder and CEO, MAP Health Management, Antonio “Tony” Rocchino, Sr., Director Network Management, Aetna Behavioral Health, and Mary I. Anderson, M.D., Medical Director, Aetna will discuss why payer-provider collaboration in the form of value-based care is critical for improving clinical and financial outcomes for behavioral health and addiction treatment.

The disease of addiction is one of the largest domestic epidemics that our great nation faces, annually killing over 125,000 people and costing our nation $650 billion per year. Every day 350 Americans die from addiction, 100 of those die from overdose, and large numbers are under the age of 25. One in 14 hospitals stays involve addiction.

Substance Use Disorder, like other chronic diseases, requires an extended, chronic care management model rather than an acute care model. Extending the care continuum for individuals treated for addiction may initially appear to be a costlier endeavor, however, in all actuality it is more cost-effective for providers and payers over time and leads to the successful sustainability of long-term recovery. Insurance payers are starting to agree with these preventative and chronic care models that improve long-term addiction treatment outcomes and have begun to implement pilot studies and reimbursement plans to extend the care continuum for this under-served population.