The MAP Recovery Network Launches a Consumer-focused Website to Improve the Process of Selecting an Addiction Treatment Provider

December 3, 2015   Chris Gates

The digital platform aligns individuals seeking addiction treatment with the facilities best suited to their needs based on track records and success rates.


MAP Heath Management announced today the launch of a consumer-focused website for its MAP Recovery Network ( The site is designed to empower individuals and families with data as they determine the addiction treatment facility best suited to their needs and resources.

The MAP Recovery Network ensures that its members, comprised of high quality addiction treatment facilities that use evidence-based methods to measure success rates and provide 12 months of post-treatment recovery support. Upon completing addiction treatment, whether it be a 30-day, 90-day or longer stay, recovery support has shown to make a difference in helping an addict maintain their sobriety in the first, tenuous year. For newly clean and sober individuals as well as their families, the transition from treatment into a healthy life without drugs or alcohol can be challenging.

“The MAP Recovery Network is a valuable source of reliable science-based information regarding addiction and recovery that can empower individuals and their families to make science informed decisions about their treatment options,” said Kerby Stewart, M.D., MAP Clinical Director. “What makes the network unique is that patients have access to addiction treatment providers who offer long-term recovery support services which have been shown to dramatically increase rates of success compared to treatment without recovery support.”

MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes for individuals and families struggling with the disease. The Austin-based company provides numerous services and resources to people with addiction as well as the facilities providing treatment. MAP CEO, Jacob Levenson states, “Our goal has always been and always will be to improve the outcomes for those struggling with addiction. By providing a network of high quality treatment providers committed to measuring and demonstrating their outcomes, anyone seeking help for addiction is empowered to make informed decisions based on success rates and data, as it should be.”

The MAP Recovery Network will ensure individuals and families seeking treatment for addiction will be able to make educated and informed decisions based on rates of success and track records for treating their specific needs. The consumer-focused website offers a valuable resource to those seeking treatment for addiction and levels the proverbial playing field. People seeking treatment for addiction will now be able to research and find the best suited treatment plans based on success rates as they have done for years in seeking treatment for other chronic illnesses. As in other areas of healthcare, deciding on the best suited addiction treatment can now be based on data, success rates and proven track records.

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