MAP Health Management Launches the MAP Recovery Network

September 1, 2015   Chris Gates

MAP Health Management, LLC, announced today it has established the MAP Recovery Network, the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. It is the first-ever, standardized, outcomes-driven network comprised of addiction treatment providers. This rapidly-growing alliance is dedicated to the provision of quality addiction treatment and the utilization of resources to track and apply outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate the efficacy of chemical dependency programs. More than 45 treatment facilities located throughout Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Texas have joined the Network.


Nationally recognized for its cutting-edge technology, MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes. The revolutionary significance of MAP technology resides within its unique ability to accurately identify the most subtle of relapse behavioral patterns, a critical component in sustaining long-term recovery. “Sustained remission of the disease of addiction is most predictably achieved through combining best treatment practices with post-treatment recovery support services. The MAP Recovery Network provides an opportunity for facilities and their clients to achieve greater success by addressing recovery through the entire continuum of care.” stated MAP Clinical Director, Kerby Stewart, M.D.

Through the MAP Recovery Network, elite treatment providers will be able to differentiate themselves to healthcare consumers based on quality measures. Health insurance companies will benefit from the ability to identify quality and support patient access to providers.

“Addiction treatment providers who effectively demonstrate and improve their treatment outcomes using quantifiable data will be positioned to navigate the changing reimbursement paradigm”, said Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, LLC. “Insurance companies will reimburse providers for the value of services delivered. We created the MAP Recovery Network in order for quality providers to more effectively reach the millions of people in need of addiction treatment.”

“MAP has plans to expand the Network throughout the field of Behavioral Health and to other specialties. Many patients have co-occurring disorders and in order to improve outcomes we need a patient’s entire provider constellation sharing data and working together”, said Levenson.

MAP will continue to release technology offerings and other reimbursement enhancement tools to its Network members in the coming months.

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