Life of Purpose Treatment Becomes a Member of the MAP Recovery Network

October 15, 2015   Chris Gates

By demonstrating outcomes data, Life of Purpose Treatment will increase its ability to improve clients’ long-term recovery rates.


Life of Purpose Treatment announced today it has joined the MAP Recovery Network, The Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network, to help improve its clients’ long-term recovery rates. By joining more than 50 members of the Recovery Network, Life of Purpose will be able to more effectively navigate the changing reimbursement model and differentiate itself to behavior healthcare consumers using quality measures. The Recovery Network is the first-ever, standardized, outcomes-driven alliance comprised of providers dedicated to delivering quality addiction treatment, utilizing resources to track and apply outcomes data, improve services and demonstrate the efficacy of addiction treatment programs. By joining the Recovery Network, Life of Purpose increases its ability to help clients achieve long-term recovery from substance misuse.

“We focus our treatment on a model based on the philosophy that young people need a reason to want to stay sober. We have long been committed to offering comprehensive aftercare programs to our clients which increases their capacity to maintain long-term sobriety,” said Andrew Burki, CEO of Life of Purpose Treatment. “I am enthusiastic about the opportunities within the MAP Recovery Network and very optimistic about the future of our young adults in recovery.”

MAP’s mission is to improve addiction treatment outcomes. The company offers a variety of services including its renowned long-term Recovery Support Services program in order to help patients sustain recovery post-treatment. Future plans include expanding the Recovery Network beyond the field of Behavioral Health. “We are excited about the addition of Life of Purpose to the MAP Recovery Network,” commented Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management. “By demonstrating outcomes using quantifiable measures, this growing alliance of quality addiction treatment providers will differentiate themselves in the field of chemical dependency. As the field of Behavior Health segues to a pay-for-performance model, Life of Purpose will be strategically positioned for this pending shift.”

With its strong, academically-focused case management model, Life of Purpose Treatment embraces the entire continuum of care which includes comprehensive aftercare. Membership in the Recovery Network gives Life of Purpose yet another advantage to help clients sustain long-term recovery from substance misuse.

About Life of Purpose Treatment

Life of Purpose Treatment ( is the only substance use disorder treatment facility in the nation located on a college campus. Life of Purpose’s vision is to foster success in recovery and purpose in life through truly specialized, academically-focused substance use disorder treatment. The philosophy at Life of Purpose is that no one should have to choose between recovery and education and treatment focuses on the management of stressors common to college students aged 17-29, in early recovery. Clients learn self-advocacy skills and how to bolster the coping mechanisms necessary to stay sober while navigating the challenges of a college education.

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