MAP Health Management Selects Health Language Terminology Management Solutions from Wolters Kluwer to Promote Secure Exchange of Sensitive Patient Data

August 16, 2017  

Published in Business Wire, August 16, 2017. View the Press Release Here

Wolters Kluwer Health announced today that MAP Health Management® has chosen Health Language® to improve interoperability and support more compliant data exchange within its behavioral health population management platform. By integrating the terminology and data management solution, MAP enhances analytics capabilities for its clients, specifically addressing the sharing of sensitive patient information.

Population health management remains a focal point of industry efforts to improve outcomes and lower costs, requiring accurate and complete health information exchange and analytics. Especially in the behavioral health sector, providers must adequately address the nuances of sharing and protecting sensitive patient information—a category defined by high disclosure risks and often associated with mental health, genetics, substance abuse, reproductive care, sexually-transmitted diseases and other sensitive conditions.

“Collaborative population health management is critical to improving clinical and financial outcomes in the behavioral health sector. However, providers may be reluctant to share patient records to avoid breach of patient confidentiality,” said Avi Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer at MAP Health Management. “The Health Language Platform alleviates these concerns and ensures our clients can provide Primary Care Providers and Behavioral Health Specialists access to the most complete and accurate patient data while also giving the patients they serve confidence that sensitive information is protected.”

MAP is using Health Language interoperability and mapping solutions to establish a single source of truth, promote interoperability and optimize analytics for regulatory and value-based programs. Specifically, MAP will be leveraging Sensitivity Codes to identify and filter sensitive information to keep it from leaving a patient’s trusted provider organization. These include nearly 40,000 clinical and claims codes covering Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Family Planning groups. This approach will enable MAP to meet and exceed legal and regulatory standards and hospital policies, while also meeting clinical and financial outcomes.

MAP delivers technology-enabled solutions, including telehealth and other remote engagement devices and applications, that improve clinical and financial outcomes for chronic behavioral health disorders such as Substance Use Disorder. Its robust ecosystem of solutions empowers treatment providers, health insurance companies, health systems and patients with the right data at the right time to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

"We are pleased to partner with MAP Health Management to address the challenges of data management in the behavioral health sector,” said Dan Buell, General Manager of Health Language at Wolters Kluwer Clinical Software Solutions, "At Wolters Kluwer, we are passionate about the power of accurate data, and through our partnership with MAP Health Management we are delivering enhanced data solutions that improve healthcare for patients, providers and payers within this critical ecosystem.”

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