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October 19, 2017   Thomas G. Kimball, PhD

Is a vaccine for heroin addiction on the horizon? Dr. Kimball discusses the possibility in this article....


October 3, 2017   Jacob Levenson

In this article, MAP CEO Jacob Levenson discusses the implication of the opioid crisis being declared a national emergency....


September 25, 2017   Dr. Thomas G. Kimball

In this article, Dr. Kimball discusses how fentanyl complicates an already disastrous epidemic....


September 15, 2017   Thomas G. Kimball, PhD

One of the most valuable tools clinicians can utilize when evaluating and improving outcomes in populations is a comprehensive patient registry. ...


August 21, 2017   Thomas G. Kimball, PhD

In this article, Dr. Kimball dispels myths and misconceptions regarding Native Americans and alcohol addiction....


August 16, 2017   Thomas G. Kimball, PhD

In this article we discuss how extending the continuum of care for incarcerated individuals and teenagers can save lives....

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