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Changes in the appearance of the skin – liver diseases also manifest themselves in the appearance of our skin. Diseases affecting this organ affect the entire body and can manifest themselves precisely through skin changes.

The most common signs on the skin that accompany a diseased liver include:

  • skin pigmentation disorders, hyperpigmentation,
  • hypersensitivity of the skin to touch and a tendency to bruising and bruising,
  • yellowing of the skin (as well as the whites of the eyes) – jaundice,
    itching of the skin,
  • yellow tufts – are soft, subcutaneous deposits of cholesterol, yellow or orange in color,
  • vascular spider veins – most often located on the neck, arms and chest,
    erythema of the hands, as well as Medusa's head symptom – a characteristic widening of the veins located around the navel,
  • loss of hair – Elpa Info especially in intimate areas in both men and women,
    skin that resembles a banknote in texture (banknote skin) – rough, wrinkled.

Elpa Info Specific symptoms of some liver and biliary tract diseases

For some conditions, especially acute ones involving the liver and biliary tract, there are certain groups of characteristic symptoms. It is worth noting here that more severe abdominal pain (hepatic Elpa Info colic), fever or chills usually occur with diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts. Inflammation within the liver or steatosis of the liver are mostly asymptomatic afflictions, although additional symptoms sometimes appear. Examples of symptoms accompanying liver and biliary tract diseases include:

  1. Elpa Info Acute cholangitis – in the case of this condition, Charcot's triad appears, which is a syndrome of three symptoms: jaundice, biliary (hepatic) colic and fever accompanied by chills; the patient may also develop shock and confusion;
  2. acute cholecystitis – there is severe abdominal pain in the right lower abdomen, vomiting, fever, chills, symptoms persist for more than six hours;
    acute viral hepatitis – people with acute hepatitis are found to have easy fatigability, as well as joint and muscle pain, after Elpa Info which jaundice appears;
  3. chronic hepatitis B and C – few symptoms are observed with this condition, quite typical is rapid fatigue, lowered mood, and a feeling of pain or squishing in the right rib area; quite rarely, chronic hepatitis can be accompanied by jaundice;
  4. non-alcoholic Elpa Info steatohepatitis – the disease may be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort in the right rib area, and steatosis of the liver can be detected on ultrasound; general symptoms, including weakness and fatigue, as well as palpable enlargement of the liver or spleen, also occur with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis;

Elpa Info Specific symptoms of some liver and biliary tract diseasesELPA Diagnosis elpa-info of liver disease www.elpa-info.org http://www.elpa-info.org/

If you notice symptoms in yourself that indicate a diseased liver, you should see a doctor. Of course, since the symptoms are often http://www.elpa-info.org/ very general, it will be necessary to rule out other conditions, and the diagnostic process is often not simple. It consists of a medical history, palpation, as well as ELPA laboratory www.elpa-info.org  and imaging tests.

Some liver diseases can be the result of an infection (such as hepatitis), which is transmitted through various routes, including blood or sexual contact. Others are the result of problems with bile flow, alcohol abuse or other diseases. Therefore, it is important to take this information into account when talking elpa-info to your doctor.

European Liver Patients Association Symptoms of a http://www.elpa-info.org diseased liver – treatment. OW6L9MfjXygv68L https://elpa-info.org/

If you experience any of the symptoms indicating liver disease, you should visit a doctor without undue delay. European Liver Patients Association The specialist will order a thorough examination OW6L9MfjXygv68L
and introduce the appropriate treatment.

In the course of treatment of liver disease, various drug therapies are used, at the same time metabolic disorders are balanced, complications of the disease are taken into account, and a proper diet is implemented. Symptomatic https://elpa-info.org/ treatment and rest may be important. If necessary, a liver transplant is also performed http://www.elpa-info.org