Predictive Healthcare Analytics

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Real-Time Predictive Analytics Software to Prescribe Better Solutions and Care.

Predictive healthcare analytics software

The best predictor of future outcomes is to identify historical outcomes data. Predictive healthcare analytics is the process of reviewing historical patient data, analyzing the results and predicting the optimal choice of treatment modality, including the length of treatment for a given patient.

The MAP Recovery Network Platform enables providers to collect, analyze and demonstrate treatment outcomes while tracking expenses and costs within their specific treatment systems.

It is essential in order for behavioral healthcare providers to achieve the financial outcomes required to remain solvent and operational that every patient is accounted for in a defined population subset. In order to do so, predictive analytics are an essential component.

Using Predictive Analytics Software, Healthcare Providers can:

MAP Health Management Tracks Real-Time Analytics

  • Create real-time reports that support chronic disease management with alerts for the entire healthcare team to know when planning and restructuring treatment plans are necessary.
  • Deliver performance retrospectives, activity sequences with regard to treatment, relapse, retreatment, etc., and variables in healthcare delivery such as modalities, costs, location, length of stay and whether or not extended care continuum was offered.
  • Generate activity reports that can be individualized for each patient, and for each subset of the patient demographic.
  • Utilize predictive modeling which helps to classify risk of a potential relapse or use event and the potential for readmission.