Patient Engagement

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A Continuity of Care.

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In order for providers to function with the highest level of efficiency, effective patient engagement practices are essential. The MAP Recovery Network Platform provides a way to engage patients in their care and significantly reduce the workload of administrative staff. MAP's patient engagement software gives you the ability to maintain a continuity of care by staying connected with your patients and keeping them engaged in their care.

Individual engagement has been shown to have a far greater influence on the overall clinical outcomes of a patient than that of treatment providers or health insurance payers alone. If your patients are committed to maintaining recovery and wellness, they are much more likely to maintain the health.

The Key Factors to Successful Patient Engagement.

  • Patients with chronic illness: Addressing the segments of the population that generates the highest costs, yet are motivated and open to being engaged in their ongoing treatment plan and care which helps to reduce readmissions. By engaging this patient population prior to discharge with a plan for extending the care continuum, providers have a greater likelihood of long-term chronic disease management.
  • Patients in active addiction or illness: Encouraging patients to be included in their care by joining the healthcare team and empowering them with tools and resources for self-care and better awareness of their illness.
  • Healthy Patients / Patients in Long-term Recovery: Engaging this population in long-term maintenance and proactively promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Improving Your Bottom Line

MAP Engagement Manager helps provide continuous care to patients

With every missed appointment by a patient, your facility loses two revenue opportunities:

  • The patient who had been scheduled is not seen.
  • The last-minute opening in your schedule that cannot be filled.

MAP's patient engagement software provides you with the resources to send automated reminders to your patients to help prevent missed appointments.