​MAP Provider Spotlight: Burning Tree Programs

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In this edition, we spoke with the COO of Burning Tree Programs,
Peter Piraino, LMSW, LCDC, who was able to tell us about their partnership with MAP and the benefits provided to their patients and staff.

Why did you partner with MAP?

  • I trust MAP to collect accurate outcomes data to help improve my program.
  • MAP allows me to add additional resources to my alumni program at no cost.
  • MAP Allows my clients to get much needed post-treatment support - usually at no cost to them or their families.

How does MAP Peer Support help your patients?

  • It gives patients access to a Peer Specialist that will build a relationship and maintain regular contact with them for a year or longer after they leave treatment.
  • The patient has access to a 24/7 support line where they can call and receive live guidance/support at any time of day or night.
  • MAP also helps the families of our Patients. They stay in touch with family members to support them through the early recovery of their loved ones and provide access to a 24/7 support line.

How does MAP help your treatment team staff?

  • The live outcomes dashboard we get access to is greatly beneficial to our clinical staff. We know what types of patients report higher/lower quality of life, which enables us to take that information in real time into our treatment planning for patients. Additionally, we’re able use data MAP provides to help support us with certain outcomes collection requirements during accreditation audits.
  • We’re notified when a use event is reported and we’re able to reach out to the patient and their family to offer additional support and get them back into the indicated level of care when needed.

How does MAP help your Admissions and Marketing teams?

  • Our “front door” teams (admissions and marketing) are able to utilize the fact that through MAP we stay deeply connected to our patients and their families for up to a year after they discharge. We stay personally connected to all of our alumni and their families, and by adding MAP on top of the robust alumni support we offer, our patients and their families have support resources at their fingertips at any time day or night even after they discharge.

Are there any other ways the partnership with MAP has been beneficial to you?

  • Industry partners often ask me why I use MAP, and my response is always the same: I am not afraid of data. I want as many data points as possible. The more data I have, the easier it is for my team to make an educated decision pertaining to how we treat people. MAP allows me to collect third-party outcomes data that’s delivered in a clean and easily digestible format. I trust that this data is honest and unbiased, and I can see at a glance where my team is succeeding and where we need to do better. We’re in the business of saving lives. MAP gives crucial support to our patients while also providing crucial data support to my team.

About Burning Tree

Burning Tree Programs offers addiction treatment tailored for you and your family, helping you create a life of excellence beyond sobriety. Our credentialed, multidisciplinary clinicians and seasoned professionals have been committed to delivering ethical treatment since 1999. Burning Tree Programs is a family-owned treatment company that helps families and individuals recover from addiction. Our four specialized programs focus on a mindfulness approach to addiction, young adult addiction, chronic relapse, and trauma. Our dual-diagnosis programs are designed to recover from substance abuse and alcoholism.

For more information, visit https://www.burningtree.com/.