Jacob Levenson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Levenson founded MAP Health Management, LLC in 2011, and has passionately served as Chief Executive Officer since its inception. Like many Americans, Levenson has witnessed the impacts of substance misuse and mental health disorders and understands the emotional and financial devastation they bring. MAP’s mission is to leverage its extensive lived experience in mental health and substance misuse to improve personal connection, community health, and healthcare outcomes. Levenson designed MAP’s peer-led telehealth delivery model which has developed into a nationwide peer support network that has reached and supported tens of thousands of people.

Levenson strives to improve the lives of millions of individuals and families. He has established MAP as the leader in the provision of peer support services while working closely with the nation’s leading health insurers and healthcare providers. Levenson is also a Board Member at The Levenson Foundation and a founding member of Tri-Private Capital.

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