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Hope, Purpose, and Stress

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MAP’s mission is to leverage our extensive lived experience in behavioral health and substance misuse to improve personal connection, community health and healthcare outcomes.

Practical Application

Talking with patients about purpose recognition is vital to treatment success as the lack of hope produces ample stress that can lead to less-than-ideal outcomes. Additionally, informing patients that there is a high likelihood that they will, at some point, have feelings of major stress and preparing them with stress coping strategies and specific plans of action will arm them with needed skills to combat the potential of feelings of major stress.

To read more about purpose, hope, and stress please review these resources:

Having a sense of purpose in life is associated with a lower risk of death, according to a study published on May 24, 2019, in JAMA Network Open:

Alimujiang, A., Wiensch, A., Boss, J, Fleischer, N.L., Mondul, A.M., McLean, K., Mukherjee, B., & Pierce, C.L. (2019). Association between life purpose and mortality among US adults older than 50 years. JAMA Network Open, 2(5).

Having a sense of purpose in life improves cognition and mental health: